• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland




    Republic of Poland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have historically enjoyed close economic and trade relations. The British economic model and the experience of privatization was one of the reference points for Poland’s transformation into a free-market economy in the 1990s. The UK also supported Poland in her successful attempt to renegotiate and reduce the country’s foreign debt levels.


    The British government was a proponent of EU expansion and, from the very beginning of the process, supported Poland’s accession. The UK was also one of few countries to open its labour market to Polish citizens in 2004; which contributed to a rapid increase in the number of Poles living on the British Isles. This fact helped to bolster trade and strengthen the relationship between the two countries. The United Kingdom became the second biggest foreign market for Polish goods and services. Poland, in turn, became an important recipient of British Foreign Direct Investments; British exports to Poland have also doubled in the last decade.  Additionally, both countries have become important engines for growth in Europe, recording some of the fastest rates of economic expansion within the EU, and  concurrently helping it to overcome the consequences of the financial crisis and economic stagnation. 


    Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004 also paved the way to closer cooperation. Both Poland and Britain share a common vision of a competitive Single Market,  an open and global EU trade policy, regulation of the labour market as well as building a single digital market. Both countries also collaborate in the field of energy security and the development of nuclear energy.


    Important areas of Polish-British relations also include new technologies in finance and digital markets, academic exchanges between universities with a particular focus on research & development, and exchange of  experience in support for small and medium businesses.


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