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  • 20 April 2013

    Representatives of Polish business, science, art and the charity sectors in Great Britain met during the 1st Congress of Polish Women in London.

    ‘Inspirations – Passions – Success’ was the theme of the 1st Congress of Polish Women organised in the Polish Social Cultural Centre and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London. The Congress presented the achievements of Polish women based in the UK and to further inspire them to further active participation in the economic and social life of Great Britain, as well as creating a positive image of Polish women abroad.

    Individual discussion panels were dedicated to the place of Polish women in the history, politics, art, science, media and business in Great Britain. Guests of honour included the Vice-Speaker of the Polish Parliament, Wanda Nowicka and Professor Magdalena Środa of the University of Warsaw.

    Ms Agnieszka Kołek, an organiser of an annual international festival ‘Passion for freedom’,  was chosen as Polish Woman of the Year. Poland’s Ambassador to the UK, Witold Sobków, decorated the laureate with a necklace designed by Marcin Giebułtowski especially for this occasion.

    The BBC’s Kasia Madera was designated the Ambassadress of Polish Women in Great Britain.

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