11 November 2015

#MyPolska – Independence Day selfie

Take a picture at the monument of Wojtek, the Soldier Bear in Edinburgh or with the Polish Spitfire in Duxford and post it on Twitter or Facebook hash-tagged #MyPolska on 11 November. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London invites you to celebrate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s independence in social media.

#MyPolska initiative can be joined by anyone, all around the world. What you need is a camera or a smartphone, gadgets in the national colours of white and red, a venue associated with Poland and the freedom struggle, and an Internet access.


The rules are easy. Show Poland your way no matter where in the world you live. Sit with a flag in your hand on the Jan Karski bench in New York. Take a picture showing yourself with a white and red flag on your cheek at the top of Mount Kościuszko in Australia. Take a selfie with a rosette pinned to your jacket at the General Józef Bem Monument in Budapest. You are free to decide. Post your photo on Twitter or Facebook hash-tagged #MyPolska.


Your family or friends can join you in the picture. Just enjoy your freedom. That is how the Polish Embassy in London, the originator of the #MyPolska campaign, encourages everybody lives in Poland, Poles and the Polish diaspora abroad, to celebrate the anniversary of regaining independence by Poland.


MFA Press Office

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