Meet 18 finalists of the #Polka100 campaign – exceptional women who inspire Polish community in Britain


Granting women the right to vote and to exercise electoral functions was one of the first decisions made by the newly re-established Polish state in November 1918. This way, Head of State, Józef Piłsudski, acknowledged the contribution of women to the survival of the Polish state in the times of partitions. At the same time, the first women received their voting rights in Great Britain.


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of these events, the Polish Embassy decided to present a series of stories about modern Polish women, who through their work and commitment create a positive image of Poland on the British Isles.


During the campaign, we have selected 18 regular, yet exceptional Polish women who inspire the Polish community in Britain. The finalists of the campaign demonstrate a broad spectrum of interesting and original professions performed by the Polish women in this country, such as a pilot, Polish diaspora activists or a project engineer developing the metro infrastructure.


The selected stories have been prepared by the award-winning photojournalist, Jadwiga Brontē, and a leading Polish journalist in the UK, Jakub Krupa.  


We encourage you to get to know the finalists of the #Polka100 campaign!



#Polka100 candidates



               Anna Kopyto               Joanna Bagniewska            Basia Lalik                Róża Włodarczyk


           Milena Skupiński               Ashanti Akpan            Barbara Drozdowicz        Izabela Lechowicz


         Jolanta Kutereba                  Ewa Gluza                       Marta Krupińska           Ewelina Wachnicka


     Oliwia Miłek-Richards         Kasia Madera     Agata Gostyńska–Jakubowska  Katarzyna Grabka


                                                         Joanna Młudzińska           Monika Chomka

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