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  • 3 December 2014

    Polish passport is a document which entitles to cross the borders and stay abroad. It certifies Polish citizenship as well as the identity of the owner within the scope of the personal data included. The Polish passport can be granted to a person who has confirmed Polish citizenship and whose identity can be proven on the basis of the documents presented.

    Appointment bookings are made through the website:


    Formal requirements for a 10-year passport for a minor 13-17 year old




    1.Passport application form - to be downloaded, printed on both sides and filled in before the appointment (download link). Passport application has to be submitted by both parents (must be completed accurately in capital letters). Minors signature must not touch the inner border of the signature box.

    2.Written consent of either parents or legal guardians - parents must give their consent by signing section 14 of passport application form during an appointment at the Consular Section. Both parents must have their valid passport or ID Cards if they are EU citizens.



    Parents can give their written consent only if having a valid passport or ID cards (EU citizens). Letters from the Home Office, visas, driving license, expired passports and/or ID cards and copies of identity documents would be rejected.


    If one parent cannot be present at the meeting

    One parent can attend a passport meeting only if has a written consent of second parent. The consent must be authorized by Notary Public or any Polish consular representation abroad. Consents signed at passport offices in Poland are also accepted. The original document must be submitted during passport appointment at the Consular Section.

    We will not accept consents which were issued more than 3 months from passport appointment date.


    If there is a court order which states that mother/father is deprived of her/his parental responsibility, the other parent is required to submit an original of the Court Order.


    When impossible to obtain consent of one of the parent, it is necessary to provide a Family Court’s decision replacing such consent. A Specific Issue Order allows mother/father to issue passport for a child without consent of other parent. In addition to Specific Issue Order, parent must provide fully completed and signed by the Court C-60 Certificate.

    Information about form C100 Specific Issue Order is available on


    Single mother must  submit child’s unabbreviated copy, also known as full birth certificate of the Polish birth certificate (under Article 42 Paragraph 2 of the Law on civil status).


    If one parent is deceased – mother/father must provide a death certificate of spouse/partner.


    3.Original document proving minor’s Polish citizenship: current Polish passport or/and Polish ID Card. – provided that child has one. Valid or expired passports must be provided.

    Parents can still apply for a passport to the minor if current passport is damaged, lost or stolen.  If a passport has been lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately during a passport appointment by completing an appropriate statement to help protect child against identity theft and to prevent someone else from using your child passport. Parents should also report the incident to the police and obtain a police report or crime reference number. Passports reported damaged, lost or stolen are invalidated and can no longer be used for travel. Once a passport is reported lost or stolen, it cannot be re-validated.


    4.Parents must provide child’s PESEL number or Polish Birth Certificate (if a minor does not have PESEL number). However, it is useful to have a Polish birth certificate as some details included in your child PESEL number may need correction.

    To get more information of how to obtain Polish Birth Certificate please contact us by sending direct question via


    What is PESEL number?

    PESEL is a mandatory eleven digits national identification number of permanent residents of Poland or for the temporary residents living in Poland for over 2 months based on the General Electronic System of Population Record. The PESEL number is compulsory for all passport applicants and must be requested during passport application.


    5.  Parents marriage certificate.

    6. Minor over 5 years old must be present in the Consular Section.




    One recent colour photograph – taken in the last 6 months, full face, front view, measuring 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm on a plain white background. The photo must be clear and in focus and having a good showing of the face and clear open eyes. The mouth must be closed. Photo should depict from head adornments except for those required for religious purposes (a certificate of belonging to the religious group is requested) Glasses should be removed to ensure that an accurate biometric can be obtained. Gasses can often show reflection  or glare from flash, and the frames can obscure facial fetures. The photo colour should accurately represent skin and hair tone. No shadow should be visible on the background, either. Too much light will cause shine on the skin, which is not appororiate for biometic passport





    Passport fee is 44 GBP or 262 GBP if replacing valid lost/damaged passport. 


    Passport processing times is approximately 6 weeks from the time of application.

    Passport can be posted to a home address with an additional cost of 6.50 GBP upon the applicant request.


    If circumstances do not allow you to apply for a passport in advance for your child and you need to urgently travel abroad or you need a valid document for any other purposes you may apply additionally for a temporary non-biometric passport while waiting for the collection of biometric passport. You must provide an additional passport application form and photograph. The cost of the temporary passport in addition to the biometric passport is 12 GBP and the processing time usually takes 3 weeks. The temporary passport is valid for 12 months and allows your child to travel abroad. However, a temporary passport may not grant you entry to some non EU countries. You may want to check the eligibility of the temporary passport with the country you wish to travel to.



    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your passport appointment, please do not hesitate to send direct questions to



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