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  • 10 December 2015

    “I believe that the United Kingdom and Poland are able to convince the EU to good solutions which will serve citizens of the whole Europe” – the head of the Polish government said on Thursday after the meeting with Prime Minister of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland David Cameron. The topics of the talks included the issue of the EU reform and security policy.



    The United Kingdom is Poland’s important partner both in the bilateral relations, as well as in the EU and NATO – Prime Minister Beata Szydło said during the press conference after the meeting. What we have in common is a particular sensitivity as regards the common market and transatlantic bonds - she added.

    The head of the Polish government informed that the talks were devoted to the UK’s proposal concerning the EU reform. What is important is that on many issues our point of view coincides. We agree when it comes to the issues of economy management, competitiveness and sovereignty – she said.

    Prime Minister Szydło assured that Poland is interested in UK’s staying in the EU. It is very important to Poland, but also to the United Kingdom. For this reason, we understand the proposals which Prime Minister Cameron has brought. We declare very big openness to talks and discussions – she said.

    The head of the Polish government pointed out that the Polish side’s doubts concern the treaty changes which would involve a long period of ratification in the Member States and the risk of the reforms’ failure. We agreed that this aspect needs discussion - she added.

    Prime Minister Beata Szydło: there is no full agreement with the United Kingdom on benefits

    Regarding limitation by the United Kingdom of benefits for migrants from the EU, there is no full agreement between Poland and London - Prime Minister Szydło declared. She expressed hope that it will be possible to work out a joint position in this regard in the future. We understand and accept the United Kingdom’s right to take decisions which are its sovereign decisions when it comes to implementation of the state’s social and welfare policy. What we want, however, respecting the principle of free movement of persons in the European Union, is to work out such a position which, on one hand, will be possible to be accepted for the British state, and, at the same time, will respect the principle of free movement of persons – the head of the Polish government added.

    Free movement of persons is one of the pillars of the European integration, which is very important to Poland. We will try to convince our partners to keep this principle – the prime minister pointed out.

    The visit took place on the initiative of the British side, as part of a series of meetings between Prime Minister Cameron and the main European partners devoted to the European Union reforms proposed by the United Kingdom. The visit’s agenda included a working supper on Wednesday and another meeting on Thursday.

    The head of the Polish government informed that the talks were also devoted to security issues, e.g. the NATO summit in Warsaw. It’s the first in the series of our meetings. We have agreed to hold more talks at the beginning of the next year – Prime Minister Beata Szydło pointed out.

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