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  • 28 June 2019

    On Friday, 28 June 2019, a screening of a documentary film dedicated to the Polish airmen and their memorabilia at RAF Northolt took place at the Polish Embassy in London.


    "English skies and Polish Airmen – telling the next generation", created by the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee (PAFMC) and film-makers Marek and Cornelia Borzęcki, tells the story of the Polish Air Force during the Second World War, showing both their struggle and achievements. The film is narrated by PAFMC Chairman Richard Kornicki and showcases the memorabilia left by the Polish airmen stationed at RAF Northolt during the war.


    The screening was followed by a discussion and a Q&A session with Kornicki, PAFMC member Rodney Byles and RAF Northolt restoration team leader Phillip Dawe, who assisted in the making of the film.


    Among the guests gathered were war veterans, including Jan Stangryciuk and Marian Jankiewicz, and representatives of Polish diaspora organisations in the United Kingdom.


    Welcoming the guests, Ambassador of Poland Arkady Rzegocki said: “I am delighted that such a film has been made as the Polish exhibition at RAF Northolt is not easily accessible to the wider public. RAF Northolt is an operational base and visiting it is a rare treat.


    “I know most of you will think it is hard to believe, however it is still not widely known that in the Battle of Britain, after the British, the Poles were the second-largest contingent in the Royal Air Force, and, most importantly, the highest-scoring squadron in that battle was Polish. Their bravery is a source of immense pride for Poland and the Polish community in the United Kingdom.


    “It is thanks in large part to the Polish pilots and their achievements in battle that Poland’s ties with the UK are so strong, and the bonds of friendship between our peoples continue despite the uncertain political circumstances, in the true spirit of camaraderie, loyalty and teamwork.


    “I hope that thanks to this film the bravery of the Polish pilots will forever live in the collective memory of our two countries. This brotherhood-in-arms permanently binds our nations.”


    The exhibition at the Polish Lounge at RAF Norholt, being a collection of memories, is open to the public at specific dates in the year, and details of the tours around it can be found on the website of the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee.


    Polish Embassy UK Press Office


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