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  • 3 November 2018

    A memorial to Polish war hero Gen. Stanisław Maczek was unveiled by Lady Fraser of Carmyllie and Major Zbigniew Mieczkowski in Edinburgh on Saturday in honour the general’s wartime achievements.


    A life-size bronze sculpture, made by a Polish artist Bronisław Krzysztof, was unveiled at the City Chambers on the Royal Mile in the presence of Ambassador of Poland Arkady Rzegocki to pay tribute to the general who defended Scotland during the Second World War.


    Among those attending the ceremony were Lord Provost of Edinburgh Rt Hon Frank Ross, Poland's Minister for International Dialogue Maria Anna Anders, General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces Jarosław Mika, Consul General in Edinburgh Ireneusz Truszkowski, Polish scouts and representatives of the Polish community in Scotland.


    The newly-erected General Stanisław Maczek Memorial is a result of an over 4-year campaign initiated by Lord Fraser of Carmyllie and supported by the Polish Consulate General in Edinburgh. Lord Fraser was inspired by the life of the Polish war hero but unfortunately, his sudden death in 2013, soon after the first memorial plan was announced, delayed the works. The campaign was restarted by the General Stanisław Maczek Memorial Trust in 2015.


    General Maczek played a key role in the Battle of Normandy preventing the retreat of Germans. With his men he liberated parts of France, Belgium and Holland. He was appointed by Winston Churchill to defend Scotland’s East coast from potential invasion. After the Second World War, General Maczek was unable to return to Poland and spent most of his life as a citizen of Edinburgh where he raised a son and two daughters. After the collapse of the communist regime in Poland, General Maczek was decorated with the Order of the White Eagle by President Lech Wałęsa.


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