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  • 2 December 2018

    On 30th November the Polish Embassy in London celebrated the 99th anniversary of the establishment of the Polish National Police.


    The event, organised by the police liaison officers, Monika Sokołowska and Bartosz Furgała, saw over 80 guests, including the Police Commandant Jarosław Rzymkowski and Rafał Zamrzyckiof the Office of International Police Cooperation . The meeting was attended by representatives of the British Home Office, National Crime Agency, New Scotland Yard, City of London, Customs and Tax Police HMRC, Police of Lancashire, Leicestershire, Hampshire, Merseyside, Derbyshire, Essex West Midlands, as well as foreign liaison officers from Norway, US, Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.


    Several individuals the Met Police Service, SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, police officers from Hampshire, Nottinghamshire, Kent, Leicestershire and Unit West Mercia were distinguished for their work in the cooperation between Polish and British police forces.


    Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki in his opening speech stressed the fact that Poles never lost their identity and culture, even when Poland did not exist on the map of Europe. The Ambassador thanked the officers, politicians, members of the Church and public service employees whose work contributed to Poland regaining independence in 1918. Polish-British cooperation in the area of global fight against organized crime was also emphasised. “Bilateral relations between Polish Police and British Police are filled with mutual trust and common desire to fight with international criminality”, said Ambassador Rzegocki.


    Representing the Chief Superintendent of the Polish Police Jarosław Rzymkowski pointed out that cooperation between Polish and British services in combating transboundary crime has been very active in recent years. Undoubtedly, the challenge for this cooperation is the differences in the structure of both countries, their services and in many formal and procedural matters. The scale of bilateral cooperation is inextricably linked to the fact that Poles constitute the largest group of citizens of European Union countries in Great Britain. Jarosław Rzymkowski pointed out that the exchange of criminal and intelligence information is of key importance for operational cooperation between the services from Great Britain and Poland. These tasks are carried out using international channels of information exchange, including through the network of police liaison officers. This aspect of cooperation was emphasized by emphasizing the quality and speed of information exchange carried out through a network of liaison officers. Thanks to this bilateral activity, the Police of both countries conduct joint operations against cross-border organized crime.


    Apart from the wishes congratulations on the occasion of the jubiluee of the Polish National Police jubilee, the event was an opportunity to discuss a very good level of relationship between the Polish and British people, as well as exchange views on the issues of human trafficking, terrorism, drug-related crime, and challenges of illegal migration.



    Press Office of the Polish Embassy in London

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