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  • 27 July 2015

    EU reforms in the context of a planned referendum on the UK’s future in the EU, assessment of Greece’s crisis, and the present situation in Ukraine were the major topics of a meeting between Deputy Minister Rafał Trzaskowski and the UK’s Minister for Europe David Lidington.

    “Discussions with European partners about reforming the economic and currency union, better regulation, improved competitiveness, and reinvigorated digital agenda will all be essential issues in the referendum campaign,” emphasised Minister David Lidington. Deputy Minister Rafał Trzaskowski pointed out that Poland and the UK have shared interests in many areas. “Enhancing the common market, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and the EU’s industry competitiveness are just some of the areas in which we should work together,” stressed the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy.


    Commenting on the situation in eastern Ukraine, the ministers jointly emphasised the importance of sanctions against Russia to the credibility of the EU’s external actions. “It’s a priority for us to preserve the unanimity among all EU member states and to counteract the disinformation on Ukraine,” said Deputy Minister Trzaskowski.


    During the Warsaw talks the ministers also spoke about possible Greek scenarios, illegal immigration, and the fight against terrorism, particularly in connection with the exacerbated tensions along the Turkish-Syrian border.



    MFA Press Office


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