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  • 5 March 2016

    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), one of most prominent and prestigious economic universities in the world, hosted the fifth Polish Economic Forum (PEF) under the theme of „Leveraging Polish Potential in Turbulent Times”.


    In his opening remarks, Deputy Ambassador Dariusz Łaska expressed an opinion that importance of tackling many challenges at once is currently one of the most decisive and significant issues facing united Europe. While on one hand these challenges create danger for the future of the European Union, on the other they offer a wide range of possibilities for building strong institutions complementing the existence and function of governments of the member states.


    A key part of the Forum included a speech delivered by Tadeusz Kościński – Deputy Minister for Development, which highlighted the main objectives and goals of the development strategy recently announced by Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.


    Audience gathered at the forum displayed significant interest in panel discussions devoted to, among other issues, chances for Poland achieving success in the world driven by global economy, and future of Poland in the EU. Other debates were dedicated to various topics ranging from supporting innovation and development of new technologies, to assisting creation and further expansion of new entrepreneurial ventures. The panels were comprised of distinguished expert moderators representing the media, public administration, as well as small and large businesses.


    Closing remarks were delivered by Paweł Potoroczyna from Adam Mickiewicz Institute, who spoke about relations between business and culture, and strong links that exist between the two worlds which appear so different at first glance.


    This year’s PEF, just like the past editions, was organised under the honorary patronage of Polish Ambassador in London, Polish Ministry for Development, Polish Central Bank, European Parliament, Warsaw Stock Exchange and Polish Institute of International Relations.   


    Polish Economic Forums had been introduced to the public as part of the initiative of Polish Business Society which operates at LSE.

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