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  • 18 January 2018

    Today, during a press conference at the Embassy, Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki launched the second edition of Polish Heritage Day (PHD), with this year’s theme being 100 years of Polish independence.

    Following the success of last year’s PHD, which saw around 50 initiatives and 25,000 people take part, the Ambassador announced that the second edition of the event will be held on 5th-6th May 2018.


    The aim of Polish Heritage Day is to promote and celebrate Polish culture, heritage of past generations and the positive contribution made by the million members of the Polish diaspora to the cultural, economic and social life in the United Kingdom, as part of the Day of Poles Abroad and the Flag Day celebrated on 2nd May as well as the 3rd of May Constitution Day. This year, the Ambassador encourages all Polish organisations, Polish RC parishes and Saturday schools in the UK to actively take part in the celebrations by including the theme of Polish independence.


    "I encourage you to organise events, initiatives and projects which can promote and better educate others in your local communities about the rich and unique history of Poland, so that together in an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality we can celebrate these 100 years of Polish independence. I also encourage you to inform the local government and the local media about your projects to generate great interest among local communities," wrote Ambassador Rzegocki in an open letter to Polish diaspora organisations.


    This year, as in the previous one, the official symbol of the initiative is the red-and-white chequerboard, which was the symbol of the Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain and which, thanks to the Embassy’s efforts, has unofficially become the symbol of Poles in the UK. The social media campaign will include the hashtags #PLHeritageDay, #PL100 and #PolesinUK.


    During this year’s edition, the organisers of PHD events will be able to apply for financial support and can count on support in contacting the local media and local government.

    The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the UK hopes that by organising PHD in the local communities, various Polish organisations, Polish RC parishes and Saturday schools may be able to join together under the same banner of PHD so as to reach out to a much wider public.


    We encourage all organisations to contact us via email at:

  (for organisations in the Consular area of London and Greater London) (for organisations in the Consular area of Manchester) (for organisations in the Consular area of Edinburgh) (for organisations in the Consular area of Belfast)


    We look forward to receiving your declarations of collaborations. Send your completed applications by 10th March 2018 to the relevant email address. Please include the area where the given event is organised and include the following title in your email:


    “Polish Heritage Day 2018 w … (ie. Coventry, Londynie-Putney, etc.) – application form”.


    Files to be downloaded:


    1. Open letter from Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki
    2. Basic information on Polish Heritage Day
    3. Application form

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