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  • 14 February 2015

    Professor Jacek Rostowski, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, was a guest of honour and speaker at the 14th edition of the annual economics conference – Warwick Economics Summit (WES) – organised at Warwick University on 13-15th of February.


    Among the speakers at the WES were also Vítor Constâncio, Vice President of the European Central Bank, Min  Zhu, Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, Chad Bown, Lead Economist at the World Bank, as well as leading economists and financiers of the City of London, businessmen, British and international academics, representatives of think tanks and global economic media.


    The topic of Professor Rostowski’s speech was „Crisis in Europe”. In his speech, he discussed the Russian crisis in the context of the conflict in the Ukraine, as well as the Eurozone crisis, calling for greater solidarity and pragmatism in the EU.


    The visit to Warwick University was also an occasion for Professor Rostowski to meet with Polish students and discuss issues relating to the Polish economy, the role of EU funds in Poland’s economic growth and the creation of jobs, the possibility of Poland joining the Eurozone in the future. He also discussed the future career paths of Polish students in the UK, including their perspectives on the labour market in Poland.

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