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  • 16 January 2016

    The primary goals of this year’s second edition of the NEXT STEP: Poland conference were to provide Polish students with a platform to exchange professional experience, and present an opportunity for career development and attainment of work experience in Poland.


    The conference was hosted by the Cambridge Union Society – a student association with over two hundred years of tradition. The event created an opportunity for networking between Polish and British students from UK universities and Polish businesses looking to recruit graduates. Presentation followed by an expert panel discussion were supplemented by engaging workshops led by senior representatives of the businesses involved in NEXT STEP: Poland.  Special attention was  given to supporting business innovation.


    During the welcome speech the Ambassador Witold Sobków emphasised the importance of the strong bond between Poland and Polish students in the UK:


    - In order to be a viable part of the global economic core and not of the world’s periphery, Poland cannot and will not rely solely on expanding production. That is why, the major ambition is to enhance structural investment in knowledge and innovation-based economy. Yet that cannot be done without you - young Polish students and graduates who in seeking the best possible education took this extra effort and did their best to study at the world’s most renowned universities, here in the United Kingdom. Unique perspectives gained by you during the studies in the UK are invaluable to Poland’s future.


    NEXT STEP: Poland alongside with other events organised by the vibrant Polish student community  in the UK positively stand out against other national groups with their activity and engagement.


    The conference was held under patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy, the Ambassador of Poland to the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the University of Cambridge.

    Watch an interview with Ambassador Witold Sobków during the conference:















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